Overpass Mischief


• A person who knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly:

(1) drops, causes to drop, or throws an object from an overpass; or

(2) with intent that the object fall, places on an overpass an object that falls off the overpass;

causing bodily injury to another person commits overpass mischief, a Level 5 felony

IC 35-42-2-5(b)


• [T]he offense is a Level 4 felony if it results in serious bodily injury to another person.

IC 35-42-2-5(b)

Definition of “overpass”

• “Overpass” means a bridge or other structure designed to carry vehicular or pedestrian traffic over any roadway, railroad track, or waterway.

I.C. 35-42-2-5(a)

Definitions and interpretations of “serious bodily injury”

• For definitions and interpretations of “serious bodily injury,” please review Serious Bodily Injury.